Météo-France models on AWS beta

Welcome to the Météo-France models on AWS project.

This project is brought to you by OpenMeteoData and the AWS Public Dataset Program.

We serve Météo-France Numerical Weather Prediction Models data from high-performance and reliable Amazon AWS S3 hosting service.

Important information!

Meteo-France will make some changes to the files they serve, starting January 12th of 2022.

The content of the files remains the same, but the parameterNumber, discipline and category might be different.

It will be necessary to update your processes. See https://donneespubliques.meteofrance.fr/

In addition, as a result of this change, the v2 files will be unavailable from January 12th to beginning of February..
The v1 files will remain available - as exact copies of the files served by Meteo-France.

  • v1= original files from MF
  • v2= our corrected and optimized version (recommended)
Object Folder Description Last Modified Timestamp Size

Data from our servers is trusted by the bests, giving access to Meteo-France forecasts to 100,000's of end-users.

Our work is based on open-data from Météo-France, but we are not affiliated or endorsed by Météo-France in any way.

THIS SERVICE IS PROVIDED ON A BEST EFFORT BASIS WITHOUT ANY WARANTEE. IT MAY BE SUBJECT TO OUTAGES WITHOUT PRIOR NOTIFICATION. We are still dependent on Meteo-France servers. So if Meteo-France servers go down, there is nothing we can do about it. However, you will also face this problem if you download the data directly from Meteo-France servers.