Météo-France models on AWS beta

Welcome to the Météo-France models on AWS project.

This project is brought to you by OpenMeteoData and the AWS Public Dataset Program.

We serve Météo-France Numerical Weather Prediction Models data from high-performance and reliable Amazon AWS S3 hosting service.

  • v1= original files from MF
  • v2= our corrected and optimized version (recommended)
Object Folder Description Last Modified Timestamp Size

Data from our servers is trusted by the bests, giving access to Meteo-France forecasts to 100,000's of end-users.

Our work is based on open-data from Météo-France, but we are not affiliated or endorsed by Météo-France in any way.

THIS SERVICE IS PROVIDED ON A BEST EFFORT BASIS WITHOUT ANY WARANTEE. IT MAY BE SUBJECT TO OUTAGES WITHOUT PRIOR NOTIFICATION. We are still dependent on Meteo-France servers. So if Meteo-France servers go down, there is nothing we can do about it. However, you will also face this problem if you download the data directly from Meteo-France servers. We can provide commercial SLA and timely access to the data on request (using premium Meteo-France servers). Pricing starts at €500 / month. Email contact@openmeteodata.com for more details.