Issue testimonials

Dear Nicolas,

We have regular downloading issues with MF data.

We have frequent delays, but use them in a what that it can not be noticed if the data is 12 or 24h old. We use it only in the multimodel meteogram , which is smart enough to put it into the right timeframe.

If we would rely only on MF data, we could not operate with the current open-data access.

We support the role of the national weather services as provider of basic measurement infrastructure, keeper of standards (unbiased data), research (e.g. climate change) and weather alerts for the public (single-voice principle), and are convinced that open-data would promote the public-private partnership and create more value for all stakeholders and the society at large – as proven by the USA case.

I hope these comments help with your question and a appreciate further contacts.

Best regards

Dr. Karl G. Gutbrod, CEO of meteoblue AG


Dear Meteo France team,

My name is Vaclav Hornik and i am running a wind forecasting website The site is quite popular in the windsurfing / kitesurfing community and French users are actually one of the most important groups of visitors, with over 3.000.000 visits per month during the summer months they are in fact reaching the 2nd place in the top countries list. Windguru tries to be a user friendly interface to weather model forecasts for wind sports.

When I founded this site more then 15 years ago the only source for weather data were the free data from American NOAA, their policy of opening data to public was an incredible thing that helped to create thousands of useful websites, weather apps and other products that help businesses and people all around the world in many different sectors. We are using NOAA data to produce forecasts for our users and also to feed our own WRF forecast models. Without NOAA Windguru and many similiar sites would never exist... It's a great step that also other national weather agencies are opening data to public during the last years, this will further help the development of more and more great weather related products. Right now we are also using open data from german DWD (, netherlands KNMI ( and planning to add data from canadian forecast models ( Meteo France also offers open data from the AROME / ARPEGE models and it would be great to use them too, the only problem is that it's seems not to be easy to get those data in a reliable manner. I know that you offer a premium service to get the data but for majority of possible users it's not really accessible.

I believe that if Meteo France data would really be available for free it would bring a lot of popularity to you and would help to create many value added products and services where everyone would benefit. Actually, there is no need for any complicated solutions, just a simple file server with enough bandwidth offering data/grib downloads similiar to NOAA or DWD would be enough. Please consider this idea.

Thank you for your attention.


Vaclav Hornik, Founder of Windguru