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Partial download

In the Legacy − v1 dataset, multiple parameters, levels and timesteps are concatenated in the same grib file.

Partial download permits do get only the parts of the GRIB file that you need.

Due to limitations of AWS S3 technology, you can only use partial download to download a single variable/parameter/timestep at a time

Inventory file

Inventory file for each grib is needed in order to do partial download.

To get the inventory file, replace .grib2 extension with .inv in the url.

A new inventory file needs to be downloaded for each GRIB file, even if it is the same parameter but a different run or timestep.

See inventory files examples.

How to?



You need an environment that includes perl, grep and curl. That is already the case for most unix platforms.

Download those two scripts from NOAA CDC :



Variable Content
{INV_URL} Url of the .inv file
{FILTER} Grep filter for the parts you want
See below
{GRIB_URL} Url of the .grib2 file
{OUTPUT} Path to the output .grib2 file

Examples of {FILTER} values

  • temperature:
    grep -e ':TMP:'
  • rain:
    grep -e ':RPRATE:'
  • at 2 meters AGL:
    grep -e ':2 m above ground:'
  • at 10 meters AGL:
    grep -e ':10 m above ground:'
  • at altitude 3000m:
    grep -e ':3000 m above mean sea level:'
  • at 700hPa:
    grep -e ':700 mb:'
  • at mean sea level:
    grep -e ':mean sea level:'
  • at surface:
    grep -e ':surface:'
  • all isobaric layers:
    grep -e ':[0-9]* mb:'

You can request multiple parts at once:

$ {INV_URL} | \
  grep \
  -e ':surface:' \
  -e ':2 m above ground:' \
  -e ':700 mb:' \
  -e ':[0-9]* m above mean sea level:
  -e ... | \ {GRIB_URL} {OUTPUT}

Manual method

curl --range 0-50,100-150
curl -H "Range: bytes=0-50, 100-150"