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v1 − Legacy dataset

  • The original untouched files from Météo-France servers
  • Downloaded with high-speed and redundant servers network
  • Checked for completness and corruption
  • Hosted on high-performance S3

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From S3 client:


Variable Content
{MODEL} arpege-world 🔗
arpege-europe 🔗
arome-france 🔗
arome-france-hd 🔗
{YYYYMMDD} Year / month / day of the run
Ex: 20181231
{HH} Hour of the run
00, 06, 12 or 18
{PACKAGE} Name of MF parameter package
Ex: SP1
Refer to individual model documentation
{TIMEPACK} Name of MF timestep package
Ex: 00H06H
Refer to individual model documentation


The v1 dataset contains the untouched files, straight from Meteo-France. This dataset is provided for legacy compatibility only. It is not recommended to start a new project using the v1 dataset.

We strongly advise you to use to the v2 dataset.

Grib encoding errors

Some original files from Meteo-France have strange or erroneous metadata. They may not open with all tools, they may require custom grib tables and they may report strange or erroneous variables names. As a result, the associated .inv files are also contaminated by those errors.

We made the appropriate corrections on the v2 files, to ensure that they work out-of-the-box with most tools (wgrib, ecCodes, grib_api, pygrib...). No custom grib tables are needed for v2.

Package files

Multiple parameters are merged in a same grib file. Each package has a special name:

  • HPx for altitude data
  • IPx for isobaric data
  • SPx for surface or single level data

The packages are not the same across different models. The SP1 package for arome-france does not contains the same data than the SP1 package from arpege-france.

We do not provide the documentation for the content of v1 packages, as this dataset is only provided for compatibility with already existing systems.

You can have a look to the .inv inventory files, but remember about the errors explained above.

Official documentation from Meteo-France (french only):



Index files

We provide inventory files if you need to download only certain parts of the GRIBs.

To get the inventory files, replace .grib2 extension with .inv in the url.

See Partial download for usage instructions.